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What to do when you have been in a car accident and someone was injured

If you get into an accident with a motor vehicle or a bicycle, you need to stop immediately. If you leave the accident prematurely, this is considered a so-called driver flight and will be prosecuted.

What to do?

1. Get an overview

• Stop

• Do not lose nerves; Switch on the hazard warning lights and the dipped beam.

• Get an overview of the number, type and location of the vehicles involved in the accident.

• Is anyone hurt?

• Is there a risk of fire or explosion? Are there vehicles with dangerous goods?

2. Secure the accident site

• Place the repair triangle at least 50 m away from the scene of the accident – if driving fast, at least 100 m away.

3. Perform emergency aid

• Bring injured persons immediately out of the danger zone (following traffic, fire danger of the vehicles).

• If you provide first aid, you may need to contact the car pharmacy.

4. Alarm the rescue services

• Call the police, the paramedic or, in case of fire, the fire brigade.

• They may change the situation at the scene of the accident until the arrival of the police only for the protection of injured persons or to secure the traffic. If possible, take a picture of the original situation beforehand.

5. Guard the injured

• Take care of the injured persons, observe them closely and talk to them.

An accident occurred, a pedestrian was knocked down: what is the procedure?

• To inform the police: even if the person turned up does not seem to present any injury. Police officers or gendarmes will draw up a report to determine who are the people involved, their degree of responsibility, and the damage to property and property. The bodily injury can also be noted by the emergency services.

• Make an amicable report : this facilitates the compensation of the victims . The pedestrian must enter his coordinates, the name of his civil liability insurance company and a description of the accident.

Errors to avoid

Never minimize injuries to the victim as this can be considered a misrepresentation by your auto insurance . According to the Insurance Code, you could have serious consequences, including the total loss of your insurance . You will then have to assume the compensation of the victim alone.

It must also be borne in mind that this type of accident may jeopardize your criminal liability , if you have committed a crime : recurrence of speeding, flight, driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances …

You will then have to appear in the San Diego Criminal Court. If you find yourself in this bad position, you can, if your insurance contract included, use your legal protection guarantee to help you in your defense.

I was knocked down: what to do?

• Collect the driver’s details: name, address, name of the insurance company and his contract number. If the person has fled, take the contact details of the witnesses to the accident.

• Notify your Health Insurance: you must send him your prescriptions, your sheets of care, and your work stoppage if the doctor deems it necessary.

• If you have a mutual health insurance or an individual accident , remember to send him also an accident report within a maximum of 5 days after the fact . Explain clearly and precisely the circumstances, the consequences and do not forget to send the contact details of any witnesses.

What are the duties of responsible driver insurance?

It is required to contact you to inform you of your rights, namely:

• if this has not been done, a report from the police or gendarmerie

• if there has been no medical examination, a visit to a doctor

• help from a 1-800-Hurt-Now car accident lawyer

The insurance company may also ask you for additional information regarding the circumstances of the accident.

Accident with injuries or victims

In the event of an accident with an injured person (s), as a victim or as a witness, try not to panic. Think first about securing the situation around you. If your passengers are not injured, and your car is not too damaged, park your vehicle as best you can or on the emergency stop strip, turn on your hazard warning lights, take your lifejacket, pull all occupants out of the vehicle for safety and lock your vehicle. On a bridge, always check the presence of a median and a barrier or guardrail before crossing the safety rails. Reassure the children and tell them clearly not to move. In this case, if you are no longer needed, get replaced as soon as possible to join them. Immediately notify the helpers.

Call the emergency

With a mobile phone, call 911. Begin by giving out your identity and briefly explain the situation and answer the questions of the switchboard operator. Try to be precise in the location and location of the accident (street name, house number, crossing, traffic direction, characteristic landmark, milestone, estimated number of victims and the severity of injuries, risk or no fire …). It is also possible to use the SOS button in the passenger compartment (mandatory in new cars since 1 April 2018). If you are near a motorway terminal, you can use it. In any case, never cross the highway to use a terminal placed on the other side: it is strictly forbidden and, above all, you risk your life! The security kiosks put you in touch with a control panel that warns roadside assistance and / or emergency services.

Assign tasks

Before you go near the damaged vehicles, make sure that the situation is under control and that there is no risk of an accident. Wearing a neon safety jacket is strongly recommended. On the highway, it is even mandatory. Get in touch, even visually, with other people on the stage. It will be easier to distribute the tasks, you will be able to identify those who already call for help and not do it to try to directly help the victims. If you have first aid knowledge , notify other witnesses. Ban all use of the cigarette and all risks of sparks near the place of the crash.

Near the wounded

It is important not to move a seriously injured person, as this can lead to more serious injuries and / or internal bleeding. Do not remove the helmet of a biker either. If possible, stay with the wounded until help arrives. The only exception to this rule is that in the event of a fire, the victims must of course be out of the vehicles as quickly as possible. People who are not injured, or only lightly, must leave the vehicle and stay safely away along the road. Never give a wounded person anything to drink or eat, even if he asks for it. Covering it with a blanket, jacket or sweater can, however, comfort it. Just like your voice to reassure and calm him.

Other possible aids

If you feel overwhelmed by care, you can always help prevent an over-accident by placing triangles and / or making signs to other users to slow them down. But do not put yourself in danger, nor the other people on the spot. Care must also be taken to watch over and console apparently lost people and crying children. And, for those who move, help them to gather in a safe place. Otherwise, if your help is not needed near the accident, wait for security forces to testify. Thereafter, rescue and local authorities may eventually solicit you. Anyway, do not be impatient, rescue services have their priority and professionally handle this type of situation.

The backlash

If you have been a victim or witness of a major accident, consider relieving your mind. Living it is really traumatic. It is even more so if there have been injuries, especially among the occupants of your vehicle. Even an accident without great gravity can continue for a few days and nights. Confiding in a loved one can help to exercise the anxieties related to the psychic shock of the accident. If, unfortunately, a serious injury or death has occurred, the help of a professional can help you overcome this ordeal..

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